Costumes That Require Glasses

Halloween is the only time of year that everybody gets to get dressed up in costumes and trick or treats; and if you suppose that carrying glasses goes to ruin your Halloween, think once more. There are lots of costumes that require glasses, so why now not choose one this is reflective of your personality and allows you to wear your glasses?

Harry Potter

The actor had to put on glasses and so do you, so why now not get dressed up just like the boy wizard? While Harry did put on round glasses, you may escape with sporting your very own glasses. Paint a lightning bolt on your head, get your Gryffindor colors and are searching for out You-Know-Who in the darkness of Halloween. Why no longer make it a set gown and get your whole family or your friends to get dressed up like characters from the series?


Scooby-Doo fans will immediately recognize the bespeckled brains of the Scooby gang. Pull to your orange turtle neck sweater, some knee high socks, and leash up Fido, you have a few trick-or-treating to do! Velma is without difficulty recognizable with her brief brown hair and thick glasses, so why no longer move as the smartest one of the institution? Perhaps your buddies can be a part of you on this thriller solving gang and you can forestall criminals  trendy men’s glasses from getting away with their crimes. Just don’t forget the Scooby snacks.

Austin Powers

The groovy hipster is always in fashion with his thick black glasses. Yeah infant! Austin Powers is the critical worldwide guy of mystery and is as psychedelic as they are able to get, even together with his glasses. Find yourself a blue velvet jumpsuit and get ready to jet set around your community. You’ll want to prevent Dr. Evil and his sidekick, Number Two, from taking on the world for one million bucks. Only Austin Powers can save the day and get the female.


Nerds are in no way with out their pocket protectors and glasses. Get your white button down blouse out, some smooth white knee excessive socks, and start a nerd riot! There are many ways you can throw together a nerd outfit, and the first-class element: they always have glasses. That’s proper! You cannot go incorrect with an awesome nerd outfit. You might even want to model your self after the brains on the television display, “Big Bang Theory”.

Clark Kent/Superman

Why not get dressed up like Clark Kent changing out of his each day apparel into his blue and crimson man of metallic tights? Just put in your Superman blouse on beneath your fit and flash your brand every time you reach the door. And Clark Kent might be blind without his glasses, so bear in mind to wear yours.

The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who lovers recognise the black framed glasses and the sonic screwdriver anywhere. If your own home is bigger at the internal, why not go as the Tenth physician from the loved BBC collection? As an alien Time Lord, the Tenth Doctor turned into by no means without his glasses, or his converse footwear. Find a pleasing match, tan trench coat and your sonic screwdriver and you are set. But maintain a watch out for the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. Allons-y!

These characters might be not anything without their glasses, and there are masses more Halloween costumes that need glasses, so discover